What to expect

What to expect

Get off the marketing/guilt merry-go-round!

Get ready for some transformative experiences!

You may cry, rock in the corner, lay in the fetal position… punch pillows, laugh hysterically only to cry again… I don’t know how you will transform, but you will… you MUST…

For some, it’s just turn on (Ooooh, that’s it – light bulb clicking on)… For others… they kick, scream, and put their claws out to hold on to useless marketing crap because well, they think they have to (like those leads you got in 2002 – sorry, let them go! They probably retired! Let them go!)


What you were doing before didn’t get you the results you wanted.  That’s all… so what… you failed. Big whoop! You tried. So pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and let’s try again.


Because that is what you do to succeed… you try and fail as many times as you have to… until you succeed!

And you will succeed! 

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