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Where do you look for you?

Where do you look for you?

For some of you that have always known your awesome sauce, I am sure it is hard to imagine hiding it for so long that you aren’t even sure what it is.

Sometimes it’s just easier to apply a stereotype than explore and be your true self. You simply don the uniform of the stereotype you choose, add the expected persona, and there you are. Fully formed without need for vulnerability, fear, exposure. It’s quite wonderful at the beginning. No one knows your socially unacceptable secret. You remove your personality, opinions, and voice.

When we teach our children to doubt their own instincts, we are essentially taking away their voice.  So as adults, they ask for everyone else’s opinion. They are paralyzed without social consent and seek stereotypes to mimic since they are too frightened to be who they are for fear of being wrong.

Maybe this is just my journey… my lonely little journey. I hope so and hope not all that same time.

Am I the only person finding my voice? Am I the only person that needed permission to be me?


I say to myself as loud as I can…